BSIDESAugusta 2017 (September 16, 2017)

The HoT Framework is currently undergoing a complete redesign and will be presented on September 16, 2017 at BSIDESAugusta. Expect to see the framework published here on that date.

Daniel West (@reaperb0t)

The Homeland of Things (HoT) Framework

During 2016, we witnessed the resiliency of our adversaries as they transitioned from zombifying personal computers to zombifying vulnerable and easily accessed IoT nodes with the Mirai botnet. As an informed American citizen, you likely follow best practices for securing your personal computers, but when was the last time you updated the firmware on your wireless router or smart toilet? As a cybersecurity professional, what procedures will your company or government agency follow to detect and mitigate the compromise of IoT devices within your organization? As a Nation, we must greatly improve our ability to handle the growing prevalence and risks of the IoT within our homes, the varying levels of government, industry, and academia. We must prevent our adversaries from harnessing the power of our IoT devices to attack critical infrastructure